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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Words words

Little miss Sweet Pea has had a language explosion here lately! The other day I was writing in her journal and started to list the words she knows. Off the top of my head I came up with over 40! Amazing to me. I had started to worry at 18 months when she was only saying "hi" and "bye", though she was signing several words.

In the last month she figured out the connection between me and the word "mommy" (though before that I had heard occasional "mamamamama"), and now I hear it all day. :D

Monday, June 8, 2009

Running on Empty

Saturday, after a trip to the zoo with friends, I headed to work.

For whatever reason, we are extremely short staffed right now, on nearly every shift. After working my normal 8 hour shift, I got mandated, meaning I had to work the next shift as well. That meant I was working from 3pm Sat until 7:30am Sunday, and then guess what? I had to work Sunday evening too.

Then today (Monday) I had class 8:30-4:30.

I am so looking forward to getting a full night of sleep tonight!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Nursing school began three weeks ago. Um, when they say "accelerated", they aren't kidding!

I'm in class M-F from about 8:30-5:00, not including any extra time before/after to study/write up/practice skills.

Today we finished up our first class- Assessment. Part of the final was validating on a head to toe assessment of our lab partners. It went even better than I thought it would, which is exciting. The next three weeks, we'll be doing Science & Technology- more of the how-to of nursing, like inserting catheters and trach tubes.

Meanwhile, we're taking an Intro to Nursing class, and Pharmacology is online and runs the entire summer. Our first clinical (Med/Surg) begins in July.

I have 13 classmates who I will see daily for the next year. What a fun group! I knew a few of them from previous classes (A&P, chemistry, microbiology), but I haven't met anyone I don't like. :)

One thing I like about this schedule is that I'm home for dinner every night during the week, and I have some time to snuggle/play with the kid before putting her to bed and diving into homework. It has been nice!

I am still working every weekend, in order to keep my part-time status, but weekends generally aren't awful, so it's not so bad.