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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Giggle Shirt

One of my projects this week was boxing up Sweet Pea's 12 month clothes (overdue) and sorting out/washing her 24 month clothes. In amongst the clothes I washed was a shirt that I had worn and loved as a tyke. It most likely passed down through a few of my siblings as well.

I put Sweet Pea in it this morning and dropped her off at Grandma's on the way to class. Grandma recognized the shirt right away. :)

I hunted down a picture of me in the shirt, so without further ado, here is a comparison shot.

(No date on the back of the photo, but I think I'm about 3 years old here.. Sweet Pea is 20 months. Slightly different builds, you think?)


  1. yay for clothes being passed on. that look on your face reminds me a lot of your sister april. she served me the blood of Christ at mass this past Sunday! Give the god-daughter a kiss and tell her I love her.

  2. What he said.

    Well, the last line at least.

    Yay for Abbysitting on Monday.