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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Body Awareness

I thought for sure the public embarassment didn't happen till a little later. The other day, Sweet Pea was in the bathroom with me. I didn't think she was really paying attention to what I was doing (she was messing with the towel rack), but then she proclaimed loudly, "Ewww Mommy, stinky!" It was loud enough that I heard Grandma chuckle from the other room.
Tonight as I was rocking with her before bed, she was rocking her doll. She was singing and talking to it. Then I hear her say "nurse?" and she lifted her pajama shirt and held the baby up to her belly for half a minute. Cutest.thing.ever.
I also started my OB rotation. Love.it. Two days in and I'm already considering making this my specialty. It is that awesome. This week I get to spend time on the childbirth unit- hopefully I'll get some good experiences down there and see some exciting laboring/delivering.

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