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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Potent Quotables

As we drove by a river, Sweet Pea told me she was a fish. I asked her questions about what kind of fish she was (color, size, etc), then asked if she was the kind of fish I could catch and eat. She responded in a "duh, Mom" kind of voice, saying, "No, I'm for swimming!"

Rocking before bed, she was asking me questions about my glasses and whether I wear them when I go to bed. I told her they were to help me see her, and that at night time when I was sleeping, my eyes were closed and I could take them off.
"You love seeing me?"
Yes, I love seeing you.
"I love screaming at you."

"Don't hold my hand, Mommy."
But Sweet Pea, I love you!
"No, I'm busy!"

"I need to take my shoes off."
Oh, do you have something in them?
"Yeah, I have dirt and chipmunks in my shoes!"

(As R was tickling her)
"No, Dad, it's not funny."

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