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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kid Stories

It's been a while since I've recapped kid stories on here. With the girls getting older, they are both giving me more blog material but less time to blog! Ironic.

Bright Eyes (14 months) moved up to the toddler room at her daycare. One major change from the infant room to the toddler room is the naptime arrangements. Cribs? History. Cots! She doesn't seem big/old enough to be sleeping on a cot, but I hear that she's doing well with it, and has taken great naps for them.

The other day, Sweet Pea laid down on the floor, and Bright Eyes toddled over and started rubbing her back, just like her teachers do for her at naptime.

We've had tear-free dropoffs up until this week; part of the benefit of starting daycare at such a young age. Well, days 1 and 2 in the toddler room broke our streak! On day 3, however, she barely waved at me as I left. The secret? I dropped her off at a mealtime, and apparently a plate of food is interesting enough to engage her so I can slip out!

Bright Eyes is also making progress with her communication skills. She often waves and says, "Hi!" She's recently added "mama" to her reportoire (though sometimes it is MAMAMAMA!) and seems to associate it with me. She is picking up signs pretty quickly now, and uses "more", "milk" (our sign for nursing), "please", and "sit" appropriately.

I asked her one night if she wanted to read, and she looked around, grabbed a book, and sat in my lap and opened the book.

When I hold up a shoe, she holds up her foot for shodding. She also likes trying to put her own socks on.

Silverware is fascinating to her! She once used a spoon to try to eat a saltine cracker.

Sweet Pea (5) has made big strides with reading since just before her birthday. She had known letter sounds for a long time but didn't seem to be able to keep all the pieces of information in her head and put the sounds together into a word. Now she can look at a word, sound it out to herself, and read it to me. So neat to see!

One nice thing about the girls being the ages they are is that the baby/toddler books that Bright Eyes likes are great for Sweet Pea to practice reading. Win-win!

Hmm, how about some quotes? Sweet Pea has had many that have cracked me up. Going to C&P from FB.

"I love you a hundred much, Momma."

(I voted early. Took the kids with me. Once I'd cast my ballot..) "But won't the other one feel bad?"

(While listening to music in the car) "If I could snap, I'd snap to this beat!"

The sun was streaming down from behind some clouds.) "Is that yellow cloud Jesus?"

"Who was the first one to think of cupcakes? You're older than I am. You should know! When were they first invented? 1968?"

(I was explaining that God loves us all the time, no matter what. She was incredulous.) "Even if you say the word 'booty butt?'"

I love eavesdropping on the girls' room at night through the monitor. One recent fussy night, I heard, "Bright Eyes, I am going to give you five chances, ok? Now GO TO SLEEP."
(While walking through the grocery store parking lot)
"...And if you step on the yellow lines, they will catch you on FIRE, and then you will have to stop, rock, and roll!"
"Do you see that orange star over there? It looks like the one they followed when Jesus got born."
"Sweet Pea, that's a street light."
"Well, it looks like a star."

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