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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Non-Work Update

Sweet Pea (almost 17 months old now) just learned a new sign! Though I've been signing to/with her for the last year, so far the only sign she has been using is "more" to mean "I want something". Yesterday she started signing "milk" when she wants to nurse, and I thought I caught a "please" once.

Though she isn't saying any whole words (beyond "hi", "bye", and sometimes "no no no no no"), I'm hearing the beginning sounds of more words now.

She also has picked up some extra inflection when she babbles, and seems to be including me more in her conversations, if that makes any sense.

I do believe we are on the cusp of a communication breakthrough!


In non-kid news, I got the results of my first exam in Anatomy & Physiology II, and got an A! This is the same professor I had last semester, and this is the highest score I've gotten on one of his tests. Woot!

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