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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rash update, and a little story

Doctor agreed that the rash looks bad. He said sometimes bacterial infection and yeast infection look awfully similar, so we're trying a new regimen of creams.

The nursing committee met last Friday, so when I got to class today, I sought out a couple of the people I knew who had applied. Both of them said, oh yeah! They called me up on Friday afternoon! Didn't they call you?

No. Hmm. Uh-oh..

The rest of the afternoon, I silently freaked the heck out. I pondered whether that was a bad sign that they hadn't called. They said they'd let us know either way.. Did that mean it was a definite no? Or maybe I was on a B list and they were waiting to see if the whole A list said yes? What the heck do I do if I don't get in? Do I still go with the traditional program? But if I wait a year and apply for the accelerated program again, I'd still graduate sooner than with the traditional. But if I do that, I'm out of school for a whole year and I'd probably forget everything I've just learned. Do I take classes in the meantime? But they wouldn't be toward my degree, and I don't think I can afford that.

Yes, my mind went through a zillion thoughts.

After my lab, I went up to the nursing office.

"Hey.. Do you know when I'll hear if I got into the accelerated program?"
"She called you Friday!"
"No... No call."
"Hmm, she said she called everyone Friday."
"Ok. No call though. Do you know? Can you tell me?"
"Let me see, here's the list of rejections, [my last name], nope, you're not on here. Ah, here's the list, yep there you are! You're in."
"Ahhhhhhhhh thank goodness!"

So there you have it. I've been accepted! Provisional, of course, upon me passing A&P2.

2010 graduation, here we come!

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