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Monday, March 9, 2009

Work Work Work

I picked up a couple extra shifts last week (one of my coworkers has been put on bedrest), and switched weekends with another girl, since I needed next weekend off, so this is what my week looked like:
Tuesday- class all day, last minute errands
Wednesday- work double shift (7am-11:30pm)
Thursday- class in the morning, then work evening shift
Friday- work morning shift, then to an overnight with our high schoolers
Saturday- rest of the overnight, then work evening shift
Sunday- (on one less hour of sleep) cantor at church, then work evening shift

By Sunday's shift, I was exhausted, so I was pulling up a chair and sitting down when I went into rooms to do accuchecks. (testing blood sugar)

I did get about 9 hours of sleep last night before the little darling decided it was time to be up, yay!

I really do enjoy my job, and it is a great fit for me, but it is nice today to just sit around and not have to rush anywhere.

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