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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attention span?

Wait a minute, when did MY child get the beginnings of an attention span?

The other day I decided to check on her, since she had been playing in another room and I hadn't heard anything from her in a while. I walk in to find her lying on her belly looking at one of her books. When she saw me, she jumped up, grabbed a stack, and asked me to read ("Mook?").

Wouldn't you know it, she sat on my lap and we read three whole books and the first half of another before she got bored and wanted to do something else!

This is the kid who flips to her favorite pages and will spend a few minutes on those, but rarely does an entire book start to finish.

She also had her 2 year well child appointment this week, and it almost went more smoothly than usual. :)

She hates being at the doctor's office, no matter who the patient is, and screams and hollers till we leave.

This time I tried to prepare her a bit, talking about what they were going to do. We even practiced stepping up on our scale at home so she could see the numbers and see how big she was getting.

That part worked beautifully! She stepped up and stood still long enough for the nurse to get a reading. (Usually we have to weigh me with and without her and subtract, cause she throws such a fit.)

But then it kinda went downhill from there. Even though we talked about how the doctor would listen to her tummy with the stethoscope, she wanted no part of it. She was ok with the doctor listening to ME, but not to her.

And the shot? Oh goodness.

And here's one: Doctor wanted her to get blood drawn to do an H/H and lead test. They did not stick her foot like I expected. Nope, they busted out a tourniquet and actually drew blood from a vein in her arm! Holy smokes, she was not a fan. We had to hold her down hardcore to keep her still enough to get poked in the right spot. Technician commented on how strong she was, lol.

Anyway, she's doing well. She's back up to the 75th percentile for height and weight, and her head is off the charts again.

I have a few work stories, but I'll save them for a separate post.

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