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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Staff Assist button is NOT a toy!

Three times this weekend, someone visiting a patient on my floor has hit the Staff Assist button, when all they wanted was a glass of water or some pain meds.

Hey, Einsteins.. that is what the call button on the remote is for. Can you see it? The button is red and has a picture of a nurse on it. The patient knows how to use it; he's been using it all day.

The Staff Assist button (which is located completely out of the way, behind the bed, next to the CODE BLUE button) is intended for use when a Staff member needs immediate assistance from other staff, like if a patient has fallen or has become violent.

We don't mess around with the Staff Assist button. If you push the button, you will get several nurses and aides in the room within 10 seconds.

Don't waste our time by hitting it unnecessarily.

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  1. Maybe you could go ahead and use your defibrillator on them if they push the button?