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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Her First To-Do List

We had a limited amount of time this morning before a scheduled activity, and numerous things to do to get ready.

I reminded Sweet Pea of all the steps, but she was just not in the right mindset and we weren't clicking.

I decided to try something new for us: A pictoral to-do list.

It's not a brand-new concept; many people use it in various settings, but this was the first time we had tried it.

So she and I brainstormed the steps to getting ready, and I drew a picture to represent each step.

Then she could see what her options were, pick one off the list, and then check it off when she was done and see what was left.

Still needed a little redirection at times, but she took more ownership over getting ready.

Here's our list, midway through completion.

In case it is not abundantly clear (I am not the greatest artist), the pictures are of a book (gather library books to return), a toilet (go potty), cup/bowl/spoon/placemat (eat breakfast), clothes (get dressed), and then a car and the library.
Fairly successful! We will likely repeat this strategy in the near future.

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