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Saturday, March 5, 2011


This afternoon, Sweet Pea decided to play dressup. With her Cinderella dress, flip flops, and long white gloves on, she picked up a parasol, leveled it, and jerked it back and forth a couple times.

What are you doing, Sweet Pea?
"It's a gum."
That's not a good game to play. What do you know about gums?
"All my friends at daycare pewsh the gums at all the girls, and we run away."
Pewsh? What is that?
"Yeah, the pewshing game. When you pewsh."
..How do you do that?
Sweet Pea makes two fists in front of her, sticks her thumbs up, and makes a sound effect like "psh".

Crud. Time to sit down and have a chat! Amazing how much a kid can learn from peers, eh?

1 comment:

  1. Awesome, what a voracious learner!
    Re "all my friends" vs. "all the girls" - are all her daycare friends boys (or gum-toters that may or may not run away as well)?