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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dead Cats

In my anatomy class, we've started the muscular system. Since my school isn't quite large enough to have a ready supply of cadavers, we were given cats to dissect. And since storage space is a little scarce, we were told to take the cats home!

So I have a dead, skinned, partially dissected cat hanging out in my garage. :)

My partner and I met up outside of class a couple times to work on our muscle identification, and we actually finished this week in class. Since next week is another free lab, I'll bring the cat back so we can review, but then we'll start working on the human muscles. (There are various plastic limbs scattered around the lab room.)

I think the teacher mentioned that we'll have the opportunity to go to another local university's cadaver lab at the end of the semester. Fun!


  1. OOOOOH! I had to do that in Anatomy in college! I was so disgusted. My roomie at the time didn't appreciate the dead cat on our kitchen table.

  2. Fun about going to the cadaver lab if you get to. (yeah, I can't believe I just said fun to that). Thankfully we did not have to use cats -- we just had the plastic models everywhere. Although, in HS Anatomy, we used rats. UGH!