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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Job Update #2,574,901

Let's recap, shall we?

Job #1- babysitting my friend's daughter. Started in August, and is going smashingly.

Job #2- working part-time at the assisted living place, as a cafeteria aide. Started this last week, and is going well. Not the most skilled work ever, but it's a steady paycheck with friendly clients, so it works. The hours are great, too.

Job #3- TBA.

I have been applying at the hospital for months for a nurses' assistant type position. In July I actually interviewed with someone in Human Resources. I told her I was in school- no problem she said.

Fast forward to last week. HR contacted me and said there was a position available that I could come interview for [for which I could interview, whatever]. I interviewed with the unit director and had a job shadow. They love me and really want to make me a member of the team.

However, before I can start actually working on the floor, I have to do a 2.5 week orientation across the street to train me on IV care, CPR, etc etc. I can make it to most of it, but I do have class some mornings. Though I may be able to skip one class if necessary, this would require missing about five. Nope.

The unit director felt bad but said she just couldn't have me missing chunks of orientation like that. They can work around my class schedule once I get onto the floor, but not for orientation.

The silver lining is that she is going to keep my resume/application/information in front of her and if they still need someone in a couple months (which they probably will), she's going to call me up and have me go through orientation in December, when I don't have classes.

So that's the plan. I'm bummed, but it is a bit more hopeful than the last time I had an interview. This will give me a chance to keep focusing on this class, yada yada yada.

Also, by the time Job #3 is starting up, Job #1 will probably no longer be available. So the timing will work.

Alright, back to studying the muscular system- my partner and I are meeting tomorrow to work on dissecting our cat (which is currently in my garage!).

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