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Monday, November 24, 2008

Ear Infection #2

After finishing up the medicine for her ear infection, Sweet Pea was healthy for about three days before getting sickish and super cranky again. I took her in to the pediatrician, who confirmed that the ear infection had returned to one of her ears. She put Sweet Pea on a different antibiotic. We are on day five of the medicine, and so far I am not seeing an improvement in disposition. Maybe teeth are at play as well?

The other interesting thing that has happened recently is that the retreat for the high schoolers was this weekend. R stayed the whole time, while I shuttled back and forth between home, the camp, and Grandma's. The kids had a great time, so it's all worth it, right?

We'll be headed out of town this week to spend time with R's family.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. Ha. Improvement on disposition. What a kind way to phrase it. I hope for your sake as well as hers that she's going to feel better soon. I got the heck out of dodge last night because I knew her patience was long gone and she'd just chased the rest of yours away. Hopefully I'll get a moment to chat with you over this week sometime because I'll be having a Talk with a certain person soon. Have fun with the in laws!