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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving, Job Training

Whoops, it has been a few weeks since we've posted. Sorry!

We drove to see R's family for Thanksgiving, and had a fabulous time. It is always good to see them, and Sweet Pea had a blast interacting with her cousins. It was also her first time being around a dog, and she did well. She quickly learned to scrunch up her face and close her eyes when the dog's tail came near to avoid getting a mouthful of hair, and eventually she initiated contact and sought out the dog to pet her.

While we were all together, we celebrated Christmas. Sweet Pea loved unwrapping presents! She would rip into each one, tear off bits of wrapping paper to hand to me, then lunge for a new present once she'd finished getting all the paper off. I suppose by next year, she'll be more interested in what's inside the paper, right?

I finished up my semester, and ended up with a B in Anatomy & Physiology 1. I really enjoyed the class, and learned tons. I can't wait for A&P2 next semester!

I've started training for my new job at the hospital. It's a lot of information (policies and procedures and whatnot), but we've also gotten to do fun stuff like take blood pressure and insert catheters. I start training on my floor this week. Hurray!

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