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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Shift

Though not talking yet, Sweet Pea is now signing "more" and shaking her head no. This means we can actually have a little bit of a back and forth conversation! Kids can be interactive.. who knew?

Yesterday was my first day working evening shift at the hospital. Evenings can get hairy, but yesterday was pretty low-key, so it was a good day to start. I had eight patients, and zero post-ops, so there weren't many surprises. It went well! If every evening were like that one, I'd prefer that shift hands down!

What's the difference between day shift and evening shift, you ask? (Pretend you asked.) What a good question!

Day shift is more structured. There are a lot of things to get done in certain time frames, so it is busy, but one day is generally similar to another. Vitals, breakfast, baths, linen changes, vitals, accuchecks, lunch, dressing changes, charting, pass on report, go home! Of course, you might have a discharge or a post-op in there, but each day you can expect some of the same things.

Evening shift is less structured. The only things you can count on are vitals when you get there, accuchecks before dinner, and another set of vitals mid-shift. A lot of post-ops are on evening shift, which means more sets of vitals. You never know how many post-ops you'll get, or what time they'll come up. Yesterday was pretty quiet, but today (I'm off) there are 13 surgeries scheduled, so it will be hectic!

Random fun fact: PG was the house float yesterday, so I got to see a familiar face every so often. :) Hi, PG!

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