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Friday, January 30, 2009

One more and we could field a baseball team

Yesterday was a little insane.

R found out at the last minute (Tuesday!) he had to travel for work Thursday-Friday. We did some scrambling, and with the help of Grandma and Fairy Godmother, it all worked out.

Thursday morning I dropped Sweet Pea off at Grandma's and went to class. After class I stopped by, ate some lunch, played with Sweet Pea a bit, and nursed her, then changed and left for work. Sweet Pea was very confused.. She saw me put my coat on, so she ran over to the door so she could go out with me. I waved bye to her, and she turned around and waved at Grandma.

Eventually I made it out the door, sans baby, and headed off to possibly the most hectic shift I've worked yet.

I had eight patients (the most I've had), and though none of them were hard persay, quite a few were pretty needy. I enjoyed interacting with each one, but it was hard to cut conversations short and move on to the next room. I went to answer one call light, and asked what I could do for the patient. He said "Tell me goodnight." ....Is there anything else I can do for you to help you be ready to sleep? "Nope." Ok... goodnight..

I did have one patient discharged, so I was down to seven. As I was finally sitting down an hour later to start charting, I see a patient being rolled into one of my rooms. ...Um, hello, who is this? Is he one of mine? I know nothing about him. I don't even know if he's a post-op or a transfer, or what.

Yes, he's mine (so much for seven). Transfer from ER. Learned his name but still didn't have a chart or diagnosis. Surprise! He needs a catheter inserted. And vitals done. And blood sugar checked. And a urinalysis down to the lab. Now. Oy.

Finally got home after a very full 8.5 hours and was pleasantly surprised to find that Fairy Godmother had managed to get Sweet Pea pajama'ed AND asleep in her crib. Woot!

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