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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great day!

Yesterday was fabulous!

We went out for dinner with new friends of ours (they go to our church, she sings in choir with me, both of the guys are in the same field of work, and our daughters are about 6 weeks apart), and then went over to their house to hang out and play some Wii.

We had SO much fun! It was a blast, and we cannot wait to hang out again! The girls played really well together too, which is always a bonus.

We also tossed around the idea of me watching their daughter a few days a week. I LOVE that idea! The kids get along so well, and it works perfectly with my schedule.

The other excitement from yesterday is that I am officially DONE with my summer classes! I've been loading up on classes for the spring (3) and summer (4) so that I can focus on anatomy/physiology this fall. I took my microbiology final yesterday morning, and did better than expected! Definitely cause for celebration. :)

Now I have two weeks off before my fall class starts.

Latest news in Sweet Pea-ville is that she is doing more and more independent standing, and is threatening to take her first step. Yikes! She'll be 11 months old this Tuesday, which blows my mind. Sometime in the next month I will do a comparison post.

That's it for now.

Be well!

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