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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mid-Twenties, now?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, all.

Friday (my actual bday), we had friends over to have dinner and play cards. Great fun!

Today, R and I headed out for a few hours sans baby. We took in a play and had a marvelous dinner. Sweet Pea's godmother watched her while we enjoyed our date. Thanks!

Tomorrow, I'm singing at church, so I suppose I should head to bed before it gets too late. Night!

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  1. Psh. I want in on the next card game! I need me some Ret. I want to teach Jess, so you should come over here one night and we can get some people together. Maybe by the next time I see you, I'll have your present done. I'm pretty sure you'll believe me when I say there was no way to even think about it this week! Always glad to watch the goddaughter. It was fun to have her over here, I loved watching her explore. Next time I'll be prepared for the messy eating thing. :)