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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sick Baby = Not Fun

Poor babe. I'm 90% sure she's teething (had a fever a few days ago, drooling like mad, funkyfresh diapers, shoving fingers in mouth, screaming randomly, acting all cranky and such), but she's never teethed this hard before.

If she's still acting all out of sorts tomorrow, I'll call the pediatrician to see if I can get her in.

In other news, apparently the job interview last week went well.

I saw my parents at church this morning and had the following conversation:
Mom: Do you have a job?
Me: Um, no.
Mom: The one at (the assisted living place)?
Me: No, they haven't called me back yet.
Mom: (Our friend the contact person) said they really liked you!
Me: Uh, okay, cool. But no, they haven't called me, so I don't know. How does my mom know how the interview went before I do?

So yeah, perhaps a job offer is in the works?

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