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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Pea-isms

Some funny things and new phrases the kid has said in the last several weeks (some of these may be repeats from Facebook):

-When she wants something- "Mommy get it" or "Mommy reach"
-When she wants to do something independently, like climb into her carseat- "Sweet Pea do it"
-If she's standing on something she shouldn't- "Careful"
-When she falls down or knocks something over- "Oopa" (Opa)
-"first down" while watching her favorite sport
-When it's time to comb her hair after a bath, she requests to watch football
-There's a statue of a pirate (Captain Morgan) on top of a local bar we pass a few times a week.. she has called it "Jesus" on more than one occasion. Most priests are also Jesus.
-A phrase she hears often at daycare, she'll walk around saying "Shh, friends sleeping."
-"big hug" (love those!)
-She wanted to play catch with a friend at daycare, but the friend wasn't paying attention and Sweet Pea couldn't remember her name. She yelled, "Catch.. honey!" and threw the ball.
-When putting dolls to bed, she says "potty first" and sits them on the potty for a few seconds before covering them with a blanket.
-I put her to bed, and lingered for a minute telling her things like "I love you, night night". She responded with "Door?" I said "Yes, I'll close the door". She said "Mommy, go!" Ok fine, so much for ooshy gooshy sentimentals.

Sentences are getting more complex: "Daddy waffle all gone" "Grandma's house tomorrow"

Formula for fun game:
Cover knees with washcloth/blanket/wipe.
Proclaim "knee hiding"
Repeat till caregiver acknowledges that yes, your knees are hiding
Pull washcloth/blanket/wipe off and yell "Boo"
Repeat process with other body parts and/or any nearby object.

Other fascinations:
-comparing "big" and "little"
-playing catch
-running (and proclaiming that she is running)
-biting things (darn those 2 year molars.. they had better show up soon- she's also drooling like a 6 month old and has her tongue hanging out 80% of the time while awake)
-voicing an opinion on whatever outfit Mommy has picked out for her for the day
-pointing out body parts on pictures, other people, animals
-finding things that are the same

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