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Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15

is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

I think more people have been affected by a loss than most of us realize.

Know someone who is going through a loss and don't know what to say?

Don't say:

-You can have another. (I don't want another. I wanted that one.)

-It was God's will.

-There was probably something wrong with the baby.

-nothing. (Loss is isolating. Thinking no one else remembers/cares is an awful feeling.)

Do say:

-I'm sorry.

-I'm here for you. (Hugs, someone to talk it out with, and a shoulder to cry on go a long way.)

-How are you doing today? (And listen to the answer.)

Every person grieves differently. What helped me most was writing out my thoughts in a journal, having a tangible object (for me, a Willow Tree figurine) to hold/touch as a physical reminder, and talking about it.

I have more to say about nursing school and a sick toddler and work, but today those take a back burner.

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  1. HEy Emily- I have been thinking about you all month since I saw your post on facebook earlier. It is such a good idea to be proactive and educate folks on how to support someone. I'm not sure I'll ever understand why bad things happen, but I am relieved to know that all our unborn babies have a mother in heaven who can be their mom until we get to be there with them...

    Hugs, April