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Monday, October 12, 2009

A couple more stories

1. This morning as I was getting her dressed, she was requesting songs. She'd say "A C O song?" and we would sing the alphabet.. she'd say "1 2 Jesus song?" and we'd sing the 1-2-3 Jesus Loves Me song. Then she grins and says "Doo dah song?" I cannot recall any song she calls that, so I question her.. "What is the doo dah song?" She cracks up. She asks again. I say "I don't know a doo dah song." She cracks up again. Did my kid just tell a joke?

2. This weekend we did some shopping. As we are walking out of the mall through the department store, we pass a lingerie display. She points to a large picture and says "Boop!" Yes, that is a boop. Then she looks at me, leans back, and points to my chest with both hands. "Boops! Same!"

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