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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here and there

Poor baby threw up a couple weeks ago. I took a half day and stayed home with her to keep an eye on her. She seemed to recover quickly, but when I gave her some Pedialyte to drink, she took a few sips then handed it back to me, saying, "Sweet Pea no yike(like) it."

Patient tossed her cookies at me. No, literally, she picked up the cookie from her dinner tray and threw it toward the door while calling me and the nurse liars and cheats. Dementia is fun for everyone..

Clinical is going well. Instructor told me on our second day that my charting was excellent, I'm efficient, and wanted me to take two patients right away (rather than one). That clinical ends next week, and then it is on to Psychiatric Nursing. Should be fun. ;)

I am learning tons, from each patient I have. I am developing more of my nursing confidence and personality. I'm getting better (though still not a pro) at assessing. I love looking up meds and figuring out why a patient is on them and how they might interact. I love chatting with patients and getting more of a total picture on them. I love being able to do a little education, whether it is on how a med works, or an aspect of self-care, or nutrition, or even lifestyle changes.

Even when I head into work on the weekends, I find myself applying what I've learned during the week. I wish I could sit down and do a more complete assessment on some of my patients, because I see needs and just want to be able to meet them..

My first degree was in Education (Special, then Elementary, then Junior High), and while that wasn't quite the right fit for me, I can see what drew me to it. I do enjoy connecting with people, teaching them, giving them tools to be healthier/happier. The difference maker for me seems to be "class size", so to speak. I do fabulously individually and in small groups (<10), but stick me in front of 30 kids and I panic.

I just got my schedule for next semester, and it is looking good. Critical care and community nursing, plus a research class with a prof who is brilliant, has high expectations, and teaches well. Can't think of anyone better to teach it.

Sweet Pea is forever asserting her independence and testing her boundaries. She almost always wants to climb up into the car/carseat by herself, no help, rather than having me put her in. At bedtime, she likes to pull up her little rocking chair (handed down through my family from over 100 years ago) next to my glider and hold my hand as we rock, rather than sitting on my lap the whole time like she used to. She tries almost everything first on her own before asking for help if needed. She is a car-radio dictator, protesting loudly if she does not like whatever song is playing, but declaring her approval if she does. It has now become necessary to channel some of her toddler bursts of emotion.. The word "MINE!" has entered her vocabulary. She is learning to say something like "I'm playing with that right now" instead.

Though we've weaned (as of her 2nd birthday), Sweet Pea sometimes still asks to nurse. The other night as we rocked side by side, she pointed and said, "Mommy boops?" Yes, those are Mommy's boops. "Sweet Pea eat Mommy's boops?" No, no you are not going to eat my boops. Thank you for asking.

She's starting to understand if.. then.. statements. One morning she refused to put on her jacket on our way out the door, but when I explained that it was cold outside and we could only go to Grandma's if she put her jacket on, she said "ok" and calmly walked over.

I know they call these the Terrible Twos, and we have moments where I want to pull my hair out, but overall I am loving this stage (as I have enjoyed each stage so far).


  1. I love the "Sweat Pea eat Mommy's boops?"!! That is so adorable and funny!!

  2. LOL, me too, I love the "boops"!!

    I think you need to make a spin off of your blog & have one for work stories--Lord knows that there are plenty of good ones that you can share!

    Give Sweet Pea a high five, k?

  3. You do such a great job writing! Love hearing the updates. April A.

  4. Also, here it is 'fruit boops' but that means fruit loops :) (April A.)